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Tilmeldingsperiode:   Nordic Beer Challenge 2017 er aflyst


Tilmeldingsgebyr:       DKK 1.100,00 pr. øl


Alle priser er ekskl. fragt og moms (25% moms tillægges prisen i alle EU-lande)


Tilmelding og betaling foregår elektronisk – klik i boksen herunder


Taster and purchaser of beer and alcoholic beverages, Systembolaget
“I find that it was an interesting way to try to rate beer which puts a greater focus on the drinkability of the beer than whether it fulfils the criteria of a given beer style. There was a clear consumer perspective. Most consumers do not know what is an IPA – but they know if they like or do not like a given beer.”


Nutritionist and beer sommelier, kommunikation.pur
“I think this is a real new concept and a great chance for brewers to send in special beers which do not exactly suit in one category and therefore have no chance of a medal in other contests. Congratulation for this idea.
As judge you are not influenced by the knowledge of the beer style. And you have not to worry about, if this beer finally gets a medal or not. Great!
It is a new and interesting concept and I like the idea very much. It was for me, as professional judge with experience in some other international contests, a new challenge and I liked it, but needed the first round to get into that rating system.”

FONS MINNE (Belgium)
Delegate at the EBCU  ZYTHOS:
“I experienced this way of rating as a relief, meaning that I did not have to try to find defaults in the beer (does it completely fit into the style, is there any not wanted sourness, infection, or whatever?). I could concentrate on the nose, the flavour, the taste and aftertaste, the ‘looks’ of the beer as it presents itself. That is the richness of beer culture: every beer is unique. The important questions for the consumer are: do I like the beer? why do I like it? And the result could (should) be: probably I like a similar beer from this family even more!”

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