Why participate in Nordic Beer Challenge?

  • Breweries, beer wholesalers and importers of beer achieve a consumer-oriented rating of their beers, which can be used directly in retail sales.
  • Nordic Beer Challenge draws international attention to beer coming to and from the Nordic market.
  • Because Nordic Beer Challenge includes all styles of beer across traditional technical categories.
  • All beers are rated individually – no beer styles are favoured.
  • Only the very best beers can achieve medals (24% of all blind tasted beer).
  • The consumer point of view is ensured as judges are selected by international consumer organizations.
  • Nordic Beer Challenge offers 100% transparency about rating methods and rewarding beers.

The winning beers achieve maximum media coverage at the award ceremony in Copenhagen’s International Exhibition Centre, Forum Copenhagen, during the Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival. Breweries, beer wholesalers and importers of beer – including non-Nordic – can participate in the Nordic Beer Challenge.

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